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September 23, 2011

The Sweet Life

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Having just returned from a trip to the land of maple syrup (Canada) and busily stocking the house with honey for Jewish new year recipes and customs, my thoughts turned to sweetness.    Jewish families around the world usher in the year by dipping apples in honey and say a prayer asking to be blessed with a good and sweet new year.    Learning from my Dad to revere Ebinger’s blackout cake, and from my mom that you “need a little something sweet with coffee”, wishes for sweetness should be easy to understand.  But of all the things to hope for in the
coming year . . . why sweetness?

When I think of sweet – beyond the edible – my first image is of a small child.  Their wonderful innocence, their exhilarating awe at all things big and
small, their ability to play and laugh, and their cuddly comfort in the lap of those who love, makes adults melt in their presence.  And what better could we wish for in a year, but eyes open to the amazing gifts we are given, minds ready to really see and learn, and hearts filled with laughter and warmth.

When I think of sweet, I also think of love, young and old.  Newlyweds, caring and connected, sweetly whisper in their new togetherness and find quiet
moments for romance and surprise.  No less sweet is the couple with decades shared, caring and connecting through life’s highs and lows.  The  romance may be more subtle, but the love is there in forgiving glances and tender concern.  Couples new and old make us smile and dream.  What more could we wish for in a year than having passions excited, connecting with tenderness and feeling connected.

Some of my sweetest moments have been spent in the shade of towering trees, beside a quiet ocean, or on a mountain summit.  The sound of water
rushing over stones, the light on a field of wildflowers, that after rain smell in the early morning all sweeten our days.  A year of hearing the world’s sounds, enjoying moments of quiet thought, and of finding the beauty and calm surrounding us would be welcome.

I have my honey dish filled, and my sweet tooth ready as always.  But as I wish friends, family, and all a sweet new year I will be thinking beyond
calories.  I will think of what sweet young children, lovers old and new, and natural moments, show us.  I will think of the great gifts of innocence
and wonder, of passion, caring and connection, and of quiet and calm.  I will think of the sweetness life offers in the people we meet and places we visit.  I will think of how I can sweeten the days for those who know and meet me.  And I will hope and pray that we are judged worthy of the magnificent blessing of a sweet new year.


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  1. Of all the sweetness we’ve shared, at the table and otherwise, the words of our children and grandchildren are still the richest!! Our “honey” for the New Year, and always, will be that we may “consume” all the heartfelt words of our family for many more moons!!! E and S

    Comment by E and S Milch — September 27, 2011 @ 11:04 pm |Reply

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