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December 21, 2012

Hark, Hear the Bells

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They rang at 9:30 this morning.  Twenty six clear tones rung out this rain and wind whipped morning, in a small Connecticut town.  President Obama, it is reported, observed a private moment of silence.  I heard a news report that despite bells ringing in lower Manhattan, most people went about their normal business.  One week after we were all stopped in our tracks, shaken and terrified by the news out of Newtown, it is too easy to rush busily through our days.


What should we hear in this morning’s bells?  What should they rouse us to do? There will be many who call for political actions and policy change as a result of the horrible loss of life.  Some will work to make schools and other institutions better protected.  I know these are important, but mostly, I hope the bells that echoed in towns and hearts everywhere this morning sound a renewed appreciation of the wonder and preciousness of children in our world.


With the bells ringing in our ears, let’s make time to get down on the floor and play  with the children in our lives.  If they’re teens, let’s take a minute to listen to their music, to dance with them in joyous celebration of who they are and who they are becoming.  With the echo of their somber tones chilling us, let’s warm ourselves with the belly laughs that seem to bubble up from children when we share wondrous moments of fun. Let’s unplug ourselves from our electronic cocoons and wrap ourselves instead in the loving embraces that come our way when we give, not fancy presents in boxes, but our time and hearts.  Let’s make the children in our lives our top priority, partly in tribute to the beautiful little ones that were lost, but mostly because they, like all children, deserve it.


I hope we hear the bells.  I hope we know that they are ringing to sadden us, to remind us of what has been lost and what no actions can ever bring back.  Whatever important actions or discussions are brought to the public forum, I hope in private houses, on playgrounds, in classrooms and at dinner tables every adult hears the sound of the bells, and listens.  Our children are calling.


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  1. You sure have it right!!! There is nothing like “time” as the most precious gift of all….. May I reverse it all, as well, and thank children, small and grown, for the precious hours devoted to us, their parents!!! That’s a great gift, too!!!! With love, E and S Milch

    Comment by E and S Milch — December 24, 2012 @ 3:53 pm |Reply

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