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May 12, 2013

I Heart You, Mother’s Day 2013

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I have been so busy recently with work assignments – writing for journals, writing for courses I teach, writing for consultation projects. But I could not let mother’s day pass without writing for mothers.

As I sit, my feet up for the only five minutes of the day that they will be, I wonder what to write. Do I celebrate the resourcefulness of mothers? Today, while I helped fashion a tool to clean out the gutters, and assisted in google searches about the Great Depression, there were thousands of mothers out there fashioning costumes out of old clothes, whipping up gourmet treats from left-overs, and creating playthings from household items.

Perhaps, I should highlight mothers’ resilience and flexibility. After all, I will today go from gutter cleaning to a wedding, while other moms will transition from sandbox to restaurant, from workbench to desk.  Mothers will pull out of their magic diaper bags, pocketbooks, totes just the right tool, book, treat to change the mood, to engage minds, to stir discussion.  They will do it no matter how few hours they have slept, no matter what other work or family demands press on them, no matter whether it is noticed or appreciated.

Then, again, maybe I should focus on mothers’ endless reserves of patience. Somewhere, in the process of becoming a mother we grow a new muscle, one that will allow today, and everyday, mothers everywhere to face spilled milk, fingerprints on walls, sullen teenage faces and whining toddlers.

None of these mothers’ talents would exist without the center of all motherly powers, a mothers’ heart. It is love that drives mothers, that fills their reservoirs of resourcefulness, that fuels resilience and greases the wheels of flexibility, and it is the insulation of love that keeps frustration from boiling over. Of course, mothers are not perfect. We do scream, cry and lose it from time to time. We feel overwhelmed, inadequate, tentative, often all in the same day. Yet, as mothers, we keep at it because our hearts, beating with a love unlike any other, gives us hope and strength and a feeling that just melts you from inside out when you see the face of your child, when she takes your hand.  And not all that infrequently, mothers’ hearts also break, with their children’s pain, with emotional and physical distance, with the most tragic of all losses. What is most remarkable about mothers is that even with the knowledge of how much all the bad stuff will hurt, they keep at it, opening their hearts, loving their children.

So, to all mothers’ out there, my heart goes out to you, and hopes that your hearts, today and always, will be both on the giving and receiving ends of lots of love.









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  1. Point by point, poignant- Thanks. LMZ

    Comment by Lynda Zentman — May 12, 2013 @ 6:28 pm |Reply

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